Safe and secure document management for legal companies

Document management is a huge issue for many legal companies and striking the balance between client security and paperwork storage can be costly and time consuming.  Streamlining your legal documentation can help save time and effort, whilst also reducing printing costs and you’ll find that there are a wide range of document management services available, specially designed to meet the needs of legal companies.

Many legal companies face significant costs incurred through the reproduction of documents, costs which are often never recovered.  Copying and reproduction costs are incredibly hard to calculate on a daily basis, whilst the time-consuming task of photocopying legal documents is usually passed on to junior staff.

Using a specialised legal document scanning and management service is a great way to cut the time and money you spend on copying whilst providing you with an accurate record of your copying costs which can then be passed on to your clients.

Once scanned or photocopied, legal documents can normally be returned in a number of different formats.  A digital format – normally PDF – is one of the most popular options and provides a number of different benefits.  Digital files don’t take up valuable office space and when used with OCR software (optical character recognition) will allow phrase or word searching capabilities within each file or throughout an entire bundle of documents.    Your electronic files can be returned to you in a range of different formats such as CD, DVD, external drive or a memory stick.

Many document management companies also offer the option to store documents in a secure online facility or virtual data storage room.  Online storage facilities offer a wide range of benefits including multiple user access with different levels of user access security.

If you’d prefer to receive your copied or scanned documents as hard copies, large-volume printers are used by document management companies, with the capability to produce copies in a wide range of different sizes, normally up to paper size A3.  It is also possible to produce copies of photos onto photograph paper and copied documents can be collated, stapled, punched and with the insertion of dividers.

Another incredibly useful service which is now widely available to legal companies is electronic disclosure.  Electronic disclosure or E-disclosure is the process of capturing, collecting, restoring and searching very large volumes of documents which have been electronically scanned to be used during disclosure in civil litigation.

E-disclosure is designed to locate quickly relevant documents from a large number of randomly stored files in a way that is accurate, thorough and cost-effective.  When combined with the scanning and digitisation of your paper documentation, E-disclosure will result in a complete library of legal documents, ready to enable full disclosure as and when required.

For additional security and peace of mind, most E-disclosure systems allow data and files to be readily available but with enhanced levels of security and safety.  For example, the majority of actions can only be carried out with user permissions, including file uploads, file reviews, file amends and file approval.  In addition, the release of documents to third parties is controlled and highly secure at all times.

So rather than writing-off the costs you currently loose on legal copying and document storage, why not consider using the services of a professional legal document management company?  A great way to free up office space and your employees time, legal scanning and document management will also help you tackle that paperwork mountain!